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Volunteers are crucial to the success of our ministry, and we would be humbled and truly grateful if you would join our group of dedicated volunteers. With the Sanilac Rescue MIssion and Mission Thrift Store, there is a wide variety of needs to be filled by community volunteers. We enjoy working with students, individuals, groups, churches, and businesses in all aspects of service! We hope to work with you soon!


For any volunteering related questions please contact or fill out the form below.

Step 1
Take The Tour

Come see the Rescue Mission and explore the different volunteer opportunities.

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Step 2
Fill Out Application - On Site

If you decide to become a volunteer, a siple application form will need to be filled out.

Current Volunteer Needs:

Thrift Store Cashier

Thrift Store Warehouse

Thrift Store Donation Center

Sanilac House of Hope Bible Studies

Sanilac House of Hope Individual Discipleships

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