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Image by Michael Longmire
Life Skills


Michigan House of Hope defines life skills as “the skills and abilities that help you deal with challenges you face in life. They are skills needed to carry out the day-today operations of independent living and that help us live the lives we want to lead.”

Life skills may include, but are not limited to:

Money management

Job training


Housing after ROP

Education and training

Health and well-being

Daily living skills

Personal and social development

Legal rights and responsibilities

Early on in their stay each man at SHH conducts an assessment to determine what life skills they already have and where they may need support. This can lead to the development of a life skills plan, which can be revised throughout a man’s stay. Assessments are also done at departure to show the man how many skills they have gained during their residency. 

Life skills are also broken down into practical, manageable chunks. Learning to manage money is an important skill. Men need to open bank accounts, create a monthly budget, set up debt repayment plans etc. Tom Bowser, Case Manager at Michigan House of Hope.

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