As a faith-based non-profit, our mission is to provide a home to the hurting and lost and introduce them to the compassionate love of Jesus Christ; modeling spiritual maturity so they may become fully alive to serve their community and their Creator. 

It is our intent to provide a safe and secure home for those struggling with life controlling issues and the negative results such as homelessness, incarceration and poverty. We are a resource for those who wish to pursue job training, character building and develop a lasting relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.


We do this through a one year, residential discipleship program that includes an intensively monitored routine. From sunrise to sunset, every hour of the day is scheduled with a class to attend, farm chores to complete, community service to provide, or worship to experience. While in our program we also help our guests acquire their GED or get enrolled in college to further their employable skills. Alliances with community experts help provide additional outpatient services as needed. After graduation, every effort is made to assist students in smoothly transitioning back into society.

The following outlines the 7 pillars our program is built upon...



12 Month Commitment

Our students commit to a long-term solution for recovery. This program is designed for those who are serious about a total life makeover. 12 months of living full time in a loving Christian community. We share meals together, work side by side and worship together, forging new habits and building healthy routines.   

Christ Centered

Ultimately the power to win the battle over addiction comes from a restored relationship with the Creator. Every part of this program is centered on bringing people into the full understanding of their true value in Jesus Christ. Routine group bible study, prayer, worship, choir and church attendance are required elements of the program. With a constant focus on Jesus we accept the transforming power of the Holy Spirit to change us from the inside out.

14 Core Classes

  1. How Can I Know if I’m a Christian?

  2. A Quick Look at the Bible

  3. Attitudes

  4. Temptation

  5. Successful Christian Living

  6. Growing Through Failure

  7. Christian Practices

  8. Obedience to God

  9. Obedience to Man

  10. Anger & Personal Rights

  11. How to Study the Bible

  12. Love & Accepting Myself

  13. Personal Relationships

  14. Spiritual Power & the Supernatural

Open Notebook
Life Skills

Life Skills Classes are taught by local professionals and volunteer community members. Most classes are interactive and designed to encourage improve the students chances of success after graduation.

1. Financial Peace University

2. Resume Building

3. Personality Testing

4. Public Speaking

5. Nutrition on a Budget

6. The Science of Addiction

Education Matters

We believe that education is a key element in breaking the cycle of poverty. Because of that, we have made education an essential component of our 12-month program.


1. Assistance in obtaining a  


2. Help to identify a                vocational degree of


3. Guidance in completing        one year of college

Work Therapy

Our structured work program helps fosters life skills such as responsibility and work ethic. On-site garden, greenhouses and intensively raised livestock strengthen trust, build camaraderie and creates strong partnerships with fellow Christians in recovery.  

Farmer Holding Goat

We make every effort to continue supporting each student as they graduate from our program and 

transition back into society.

  • Housing Assistance

  • Guaranteed Job Placement

  • Regular Accountability Meetings

  • Continued Educational Assistance

  • A Forever Source of Love & Support