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Dedication Ceremony - Tuscola House Of Hope

The Michigan House of Hope, its Board Members and employees want to thank all those who came today and supported the work of bringing Hope, Direction and Christ to those most in need. We are excited to move forward with the opening of the Tuscola House of Hope and the supporting Hope Thrift store. Join us in prayer and thanksgiving to our God for His many blessings, provisions and mercy!

Although the building has been purchased, the work has just begun. As this ministry seeks changes to the Caro Zoning ordinances, below is an important timeline of upcoming events to be aware of.


March 23 - Public hearing before the Caro Planning Commission, 7pm, Caro Fire Hall training room. The report and recommendation are then sent to the City Council for consideration. PLEASE COME AND VOICE YOUR SUPPORT!

April 5 - City Council takes up the amendment request. If approved, the amendment must be published in the newspaper by April 20, 2021

April 27 - The ordinance as amended would take effect. This will allow work to begin in the basement. The permit to begin operation of the retail store on the 1st floor would then be issued by the City Manager himself sometime in the first week of May.

In seeking to give honor to the local governing authorities, we will wait to begin any construction until final word has been given.


We’ve found that those in the community who object to us coming are often just misinformed about how our program runs and is structured. We understand the word “homeless shelter” sometimes creates fear and uncertainty. But many times those fears can be easily dispelled through education.

As we've grown over the past two years we’ve learned many lessons and as a result have instituted policies that have helped to improve our program. Every homeless guest who stays with us receives a copy of our “Guest Handbook '' which outlines our rules and expectations. Below are just a few sample policies from that handbook that help make this program successful.

  • Only guests who currently reside in Sanilac, Tuscola or Huron Counties are allowed to stay at the mission. If you are coming from outside these counties you must have a support person in the area, i.e family or another connection approved by the MHH Director.

  • Unless employed, all homeless guests must be back to the mission by 5:30 pm and cannot leave until 9am. The only exceptions to this rule are employment obligations or verifiable appointments. Once in for the evening, all guests must remain on the property.

  • Each guest is expected to meet with their case manager within 3 days of intake and twice a week thereafter.

  • Each week of stay is earned by completing goals set forth by the case manager.

  • A maximum stay of 120 days is permitted. After 120 days guests must leave the shelter for 14 days.

  • The Mission Thrift Store is an extension of the Rescue Mission and all rules in this handbook apply while working at the store. Guests who are not employed are required to work at least 20 hours a week at the thrift store. Guests who are employed part-time are required to volunteer at least 10 hours a week. Those who work fulltime are not required to be at the thrift store.

Please join us in expelling myths and misconceptions regarding our presence in the community. We have always sought to be a blessing to our neighbors and as such have a wonderful rapport with those who live near to the Sanilac Rescue Mission in Sandusky. We will certainly do the same in Caro.


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