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No Deal in Port Austin

For those who don't already know, Michigan House of Hope (MHH) is looking for a new home! After much prayer and fasting, the board of directors for the MHH voted not to immediately sign a purchase agreement for the Port Austin Air-force Base property where the Port Austin Bible Campus has been operating. A number of factors led to this decision but a few include; the need to thoroughly investigate the costs of necessary facility improvements, unmanageable payment terms and time needed to due a proper title search of the air base property.

A large amount of pressure and urgency was placed on the MHH's board of directors to make a quick decision and to get the purchase agreement signed immediately. The push for urgency raised questions among MHH's board members. The decision was made to request a time extension in order to properly examine the issues in question. The owner of the airbase property did not agree to a reasonable time for this due diligence, instead giving MHH 7 days to either sign the contract or vacate the property. One more attempt was made by phone to explore the possibility of leasing the airbase property for 1 year while a proper investigation could be done into these matters. The property owner responded by giving the Kramer family 2 weeks to move out and 30 days for the remainder or the homeless shelter guests.

With significant support from individuals and local churches, we are instead looking at other facility options. We have toured a few existing facilities for sale as possible relocation options as well as looked at vacant land to build a new facility. We continue to look to God to lead us in the direction He sees fit. Please join us in prayer as we continue to explore the doors that God opens.

If you have any questions regarding these events, please feel free to call or email any time.

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