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“In my most desperate time of need the Sanilac House of Hope was there to help me start over and rebuild my life, I am forever grateful.”  



Former Guest

House of Hope

The foundation of our ministry is based on building intentional relationships, showing radical hospitality and exercising the love of Christ to those most in need.


When guests arrive, they are welcomed and offered a nutritious meal, a warm bed and  an advocate who cares. Our Christian counselor works with guests to assess their needs and develop a plan that helps them establish stability and reclaim their lives.


Most guests come to us with several obstacles that need to be addressed for them to be successful. These might be unemployment, lack of education, mental health, trauma, abuse, and addiction. We address these issues and connect guests with the services they need to be successful.

We currently operate one shelter program. It is located at:

Sanilac House of Hope

262 Margaret St. Sandusky MI 48471

Eligibility and Intake
New guest intake 5pm – 9pm Mon - Sun

-Shelter guests must be sober and not using any illegal substances. Guests are accepted based on bed availability and without discrimination.

- Our shelter is wheelchair accessible. However, shelter guests must be able to get around and care for their daily needs (dress, shower, eat, etc.)

- Because of our proximity to schools, we cannot accept anyone on the national sex offender registry.


Call for availability: 800-393-4322 (EXT 2)


- Guests are breathalyzed nightly and must blow 0.0 in order to stay at the shelter. Drug tests are administered weekly and at random.

- All guests must meet weekly with our Christian Counselor to assess their progress in moving toward their goals.

- All guests who are unemployed but enroll in our Job Skills Training program and volunteer 20 hours a week at the Mission Thrift Store.

- Attendance to nightly chapel and morning devotions is required unless working during that time.

- Sunday church attendance is required. Guests can choose any church they prefer.

- Guests must adhere to all the rules and requirements as outlined in the guest handbook.

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